The Beginning.

Hello, Hi, Welcome!

I’d like to take the opportunity to introduce myself, my family & my mission for this blog before I fill the world with my opinions & insight into my world. 

I’m Shaan… 

…I’m 24, I’m an Office Manager from Cumbria, I’m a wife, I’m a dog Mum & I have recently become a Mummy to my own little human Aria. She has been the complete inspiration behind this blog & my journey through the years with her will be my main focus on this page. I’d also like to share baby products, toys, apps & other Mumsy bits & pieces which I find useful throughout parenthood – giving honest opinions from one parent to another about what works/doesn’t work for me. I will also share my relationships with family & friends, my lifestyle, mine & my daughter’s style & insight into my home.

So, a little bit of background…

Recently, myself & my Husband have moved to Yorkshire – Michael (that is hubby’s name) moves often with work & as Aria was due to be born, we took the decision to hit the open road and move with him. This was a scary first for me, I’d lived alone since 19 however not so far away from the family home. Myself & my parents are super close so the thought of not having them around & being a first time Mum also, a super scary thought. As they were going to be over two & a half hours away, blogs & parenting books became my ‘go to’ for advice. Since using blogs so often (daily), I thought maybe I’d have something to share to parents looking for an honest voice, a friend through the internet or just simply an opinion/view related to similar parenting situations – so here I am beginning my first blogging journey. 

I’d like to answer a few questions about what to expect from me & my blog content;

1. Why am I blogging?

There are a couple of reasons why I have chosen to start this blog. The first and main reason is my daughter, Aria…

…Every Mum has their own story from birth & pregnancy (I do aim to do a full post on mine) & my experience prompted me to look for parents in a similar situation to myself & Michael. 

As Michael was due to be away with his work – my parents took me for my first scan at 13 weeks. The sonographer we had was lovely and so professional (we are from a rather small town, so it turns out I had Sandra from the beginning & for the entirety of my pregnancy – so lucky!) & found a ‘hernia’ on the exterior of the babies abdomen, which she believed to be babies bowel. I don’t know about you, but I believe I was naïve prior to becoming pregnant about the vast scale of issues women can experience during pregnancy, & Gastroschisis was definitely one of millions I’d never heard of, nor come into contact with prior to my pregnancy journey. When she first said that my babies bowel was on the outside of its stomach, I just broke down. Firstly, you never expect anything to be wrong with your innocent little foetus & definitely not to the extreme of organs being on the outside. I thought “This is it. The baby me & Michael had planned & tried for cannot come into this world.” It was heart breaking. 

Although my parents were there & as always were such an amazing support. I couldn’t help wishing Michael was there with me, holding me tight while we waited for the consultant to come & tell us our fait. But sadly, I had to phone him & give the news while he was over a 6 hour drive away from home. Honestly, the most difficult phone call of my life. 

After the craziness, the consultant came & gave me more information about what to expect & what could happen – which gave me hope that our baby could make it. The statistics she gave were that 95% of babies which have this condition (around 6000 per year) recover with no additional problems. To know that there were parents out there which had been through or were currently dealing with the same situation made me want to reach out & find them, hear their stories. Share mine. But until now I haven’t. I’ve spoken with friends & family about our journey, but not to strangers & I want to. I want parents like us to know they’re not alone & the life after the crazy beginning is just, if not more magical. So this is my first reason.

Secondly, as I have moved so far away from home & away from the comfort blanket of my family & best friends – life can become somewhat quiet (if life with a 4 month old can be considered quiet, haha). My life doesn’t have much ‘adult’ content these days – I happily devote all of my time to ensuring Aria is stimulated during her awake periods. So when I get me time when she is down for a nap, or at bedtime I’d love to feel part of a community again. And as I have discovered, since scouring the internet in the early hours of the morning, desperate for advice or comfort from others experiences, the Blogging community truly take care of one another & after the journey myself & Michael have had – I feel that possibly, I could provide some parent out there a comfort which I found through a fellow parent’s blog online.

2. What can you expect from my blog?

I aim to (at first) post once weekly on Sundays. The more I get the swing of things and when Aria becomes more independent, I would like to post two to three times per week – in an ideal world of course! 

I’d like my content to include life experiences with Aria & my family – as it is coming up to the festive period (and our first family Christmas – so excited!), there are many ‘New Tradition’ posts I’d like to do. Such as trips to purchase new Christmas decorations, our first visit to Santa’s Grotto & a visit to a Christmas Tree Farm to chop down our first real Christmas Tree! 

You can also look to find reviews & advice related to products & developmental toys. I only use natural skincare products & washing detergents/powders for Aria & have recently discovered that her skin rejects raw Coconut Oil. So I am now trying new products to find the best for her skin – so I hope to do a review post connected to my findings.

I absolutely adore OOTD posts or hauls – so because I am completely obsessed with buying Aria clothes, I certainly will be sharing the truly adorable clothes I find for her as well as the home photoshoots I do when I just cannot deal with the cuteness. My outfits usually consist of comfy sports leggings & a vest top… so the rare occasion I get fancied up to go somewhere, I’ll share my OOTD – haha. 

The main reason for my starting this blog is to connect with people – so I’d love to hear from anyone (if anyone ever reads my content of course) relating to my situation or what people would like to see from me, so please feel free to comment & share your experiences with me. I’m aware that everyone’s parenting styles are different & I am not claiming to be an expert. I am learning, I am a first time mum & I am looking to share my experiences with the parenting community to gain support, advice & connect with likeminded individuals.

3. What are my blogging goals?

My goals are sincerely quite simple. I would like to share my story to hopefully provide comfort & hope to parents going through something similar to what myself & Michael did when Aria first graced our lives. I’d like to provide a platform for honesty & advice related to parenting & children’s developmental stages through my own experiences & I also hope to connect to parents, whether they are pregnant with their first or have a troop of 10 (hurrah to those).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my introduction! I have been so excited to finally finalise this post & enter into this journey. I hope you have enjoyed the small insight into what to expect from me & this blog. 

Have a brilliant weekend & I hope you choose to subscribe – Shaan xx

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