When Daddy’s away…

Woo to me for finding time to start my second post! 

The bittersweet feelings I have toward Michael working away are back again today (Monday 19th), Aria & I have said “Farewell to Daddy” for another week after a lovely weekend spent as a family…

…As you can see, we’re both impartial to a sausage butty – especially when they’re as delicious as these. Mmmm!!

The buttys were supplied by the Geordie Banger Co. – I’d never heard of the company prior to eating their ‘bangers’ however, we were suuuper satisfied! Cooked to perfection, and the sausages were amazing (we even bought some ‘Christmas Chipotle’s’ for tea, yummy). 

We visited a little food, art and goodies market which was being hosted at a local pub. We were so blessed with incredible weather, that after receiving their leaflet through our letterbox a couple of days previous we thought why the heck not? 

It was called ‘Little Bird Artisian Market,’ I believe it was hosted in our town for the first time in October and as it was a success they decided to host another event! We loved it – and I even snapped up some beautiful, handmade soaps from ‘The Little Soap Factory’ to accompany a Christmas present. I’m obsessed with Vegan & Cruelty Free products, so as my eagle eye spotted their notice I had to take a peek and was delighted to find such a treasure! 

Since Aria was born in July, this is the second time Michael has been away from home working. I can’t help but feel super fortunate to be the ‘Mum’ sometimes. I’d genuinely hate to have to leave Aria. It really does touch a nerve with me that Dads don’t get more than 2 weeks Paternity leave. For an era where equal rights (all be it I 100% want them) is becoming a tad absurd, with people finding it necessary to argue that ‘The Green Man’ for crossing the road should also be represented as a woman – I find it slightly barbaric that this isn’t something which has had much consideration, don’t you agree? If men would like more time off with the child, women have to give up their time… I genuinely could rant on for hours! Daddys should be entitled to more time with their babies, irrespective of the Mothers maternity leave period. Fact!

Lets swiftly move on, haha…

I feel, as a Mother (if anyone has experienced this), when you’re left to juggle the daily chores as well as ensuring baby is stimulated alone for a couple of days (or more of course) – your brain turns into an imaginary ‘to do list’ with timings for each chore slotted into babies nap times. I feel like I have to be a well oiled machine whenever Michael goes away, as I don’t have his helping hand while I jump in the shower or do the washing. Everything is go go go as soon as Aria’s down for a nap! 

The chore Aria & I take great pleasure in, is walking Cody (Aria’s four legged brother). We live in such a beautiful part of Yorkshire, and our house is really close to a stunning nature reserve. So we really do get immense pleasure from adventuring with him.

Isn’t he just perfect…

I mean… how have I been blessed with a daughter this cute? 

The weather wasn’t the greatest – which meant a super muddy Cody (as he loves nothing more than diveboming in the grass after the stick), and mud covered trainers…

…But there really is nothing like seeing your fur baby so happy, doing what they do best! It’s definitely one of my simple pleasures! 

After a cold, drizzly walk there was only one thing on my mind… stodge!! By that I mean, good, hearty winter food. Pieeeee consumed my thoughts. 

Since moving to Yorkshire, from Cumbria, there sincerely is a lack of pies! All we ever seem to find is pork pies – but nothing beats a good bakery pie. Meat and potato or chicken and leek are my all time favourites! I fancied something creamy and morish, so the pie of choice was Chicken and Leek. I’ve never made a pie, and I haven’t made pastry since school! So for my own sanity I prebought the pastry and for the filling, I followed a BBC Good Food recipe online…

…And for a first ever attempt at making a pie, I was super happy with how it looked! And the taste was even better. I accompanied it with some homemade mash and gravy – good ol’ northern meal! 

I’m currently reading Holly Willoughby’s weaning book ‘Truly Scrumptious Baby’ ready for January when Aria will be 6 months. I decided to buy the book via iBooks, as 9 times out of 10 I have my phone to hand. Whereas, I do find it difficult to find the time to pick up a hard back! 

Holly recommends in her book, to start introducing the concept of ‘sitting down for a family meal’ (her book does recommend in the weeks coming up to beginning weaning. But I can’t see how introducing it earlier could result in something negative…) by getting your little one used to sitting in their high chair and becoming familiar with their spoon and bowl prior to beginning the weaning journey.

I think it’s supposed to go in your mouth…

I found this adorable silicone bowl and spoon set on Amazon, for £13.44 by BBBite Me – you can purchase them in pink or blue and I just think they’re so cute!! The practical side to the bowl is that it has a suction cup on the base of the bowl to prevent babies from tipping it over (thank you again for the tips Holly) and of course it’s unbreakable!

Aria’s highchair is a Billie Faiers one from Mothercare and I am complete in love with it! I’m not the type of Mum that must buy everything in pink because I have a daughter. Most things I buy are grey, or more of a Unisex colour! The highchair was a gift from my lovely parents (thanks again) for Aria, as part of her Christmas present from them – they genuinely are the most generous people ever! I’m suuuuper blessed. 

Skip a couple of days of boring cleaning, ironing and general housework and look whos come to visit…

It’s only the most generous people in the world, aka. My Mama and Papa!! I swear every time they visit it’s like Christmas.

They’ve just visited Edinburg with a group of friends (I swear their social life is more hyped than mine) and I saw Snapchat’s of my Dad shakin’ his tail feather on top of tables, and doing the obligatory Dad finger point, hip wiggle (you all know the one) – genuinely looked like a hoot! I’ve always loved going on holiday with my parents because they’re so much fun! 

Quite a dreary day today (Thurs 22nd) – but as Aria is in the company of Nanna, me and Dad headed out with Cody! 

I’m so used to being alone most of the time with Aria now, our routine is pretty solid – but it genuinely is so nice to have the company of my parents. You do begin to realise that you appreciate them so much more after becoming a parent yourself, don’t you think? Until you’re a parent, you just cannot comprehend the sincere lack of time you have for yourself (it genuinely isn’t a complaint, as I’d have it no other way). But so many people tell me to “make sure you have you time,” are these people certifiably insane? Who has time for themselves? Haha. 

At 02:30am Friday, Michael arrived home! A welcome surprise after a looong night with Aria. He came baring Chicken Nuggets & a Hot Chocolate from McDonalds – my saviour!  

Michael had a hard, manual week away with work – so our weekend was spent, for the most part in comfies, walking Cody…

…Eating Dominos and Mince Pies, watching ‘The Christmas Chronicles’ on Netflix! I’ve been beyond excited for this to be aired – the advert has pondered my Facebook feed for weeks and as a lover of all things Christmas, I had to watch it. 

My thoughts… The two main children acters were something to be desired! Their emotive speaking was very robotic and started to get irritating, so I was thankful when Kurt Russell (Santa) appeared and provided some well needed guidance! The story was great, had some brilliant family friendly comedy and overall I really enjoyed it. Whether it will make the list of a must watch each year along with the favourites… I haven’t decided. But definitely got me further into the Christmas Spirit! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and snapped some crazy deals on Black Friday! I bought Aria some clothes for her 6-9 month wardrobe from Zara – along with a couple of pieces for myself for during the festive period, which I will do a haul post for upon their arrival!  

Thanks for visiting and I hope you choose to follow my page! Love Shaan & Aria xxx

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