‘Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree…’

Calling all Christmas fans!!!

Firstly, I’d like to apologise for the late post! All of the content in this post happened during the weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and Aria is teething so has been demanding most of my time. So unfortunately I haven’t had much time to myself to enable me to blog! So, here I go…

Advent is finally upon us – and it’s safe to say I am completely, well and truly into the Christmas spirit (it genuinely doesn’t take much, haha)! I am beyond excited to write this post as this truly is my favourite time of year. 

As I think I’ve already mentioned (and I’m only two posts in, oops) I am a lover of all things Christmas! I’m the kind of freak, who sings Christmas songs in August – and no, I’m not ashamed to say it! I know for a lot of people Christmas time can be super stressful, and considering the amount of pressure that is put on us parents to buy ‘the in thing’ for our babies (luckily I’m not at that stage yet), it’s not something which I will let affect my Christmas spirit! People can commercialise Christmas as much as they like. But to me, Christmas is a time to appreciate family and loved ones, eat good food and lastly exchange gifts (whether they be small or large) – it’s such a merry time and I cannot wait to ensure Aria is as festive as her Momma!

Buying our Christmas Tree

As this is our first Christmas as a family of four, and will be Aria’s first Christmas – I wanted to create and begin our ‘Family Traditions,’ the first being visiting a Christmas Tree Farm and choosing our own tree! We visited Fir Tree Farms Christmas Trees in Harrogate – on their Facebook page, it gives you a map and directions which is super easy to follow! 

It was a first experience for us, and it did not disappoint. The glorious fragrant smell while pondering through the forest of beautiful trees was divine, and they had a brilliant selection; Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir, Norwegian Spruce and Blue Spruce. I’d never seen a Blue Spruce prior to visiting the Farm – they were beautiful, reminded us of a ‘Snow Effect’ artificial tree because of their white colour! 

To add to the ambiance, I headed to Spotify to play Christmas songs while we walked through the forest… I think myself and Aria were the only pair impressed, haha. 

We found the one! Of course I had to wear my light up Christmas tree earrings… obligatory! The chaps who chopped down our tree even noticed, I was suuuper impressed with that. 

Dad, being his usual chatty self – talked the heads of the guys who worked there (it’s definitely where I get my chatty, speak to anyone nature from that’s for sure), and they were genuinely lovely. Such brilliant service – you firstly hunt down your tree, then they come and chop it down in front of you and wrap it there. Couldn’t be more fresh! All in all we had a brilliant experience, so thank you.

Just a few snaps from our day…

Family portrait with our tree – loooove!
Look at that backdrop… wow!

As it was a dreary day, we headed home to warm up – accompanied by a hot drink and treats of course!

We spent Sunday putting up our outside decorations as well as bringing in our Tree from the garage to decorate. The tree genuinely just makes the home feel so much more festive and complete, don’t you think?

I’d like to get a photo of Aria putting the Bow/Star ontop of the tree each year… another mini tradition! 

I had to come to terms with the trees mini imperfections, as my OCD was making me struggle with not being able to put more at the top… But here she is in all her glory, our first tree!!! 

My parents are super sentimental which I love, and during their visit to Edinburg they bought us some adorable baubles to add to our tree. 

I loved this one – it is to represent Michael & I getting married earlier this year. Too cute!

We also decorated the rest of our living room…

Total improvisation putting the stockings up, haha.

I don’t know whether it is the norm to put up your decorations on the 1st December, but I was far to excited to wait until the recommended 17th December… Have you put yours up yet? I love traditional colours when it comes to Christmas decorations, we also like the woodland themed baubles. What theme have you chosen? 

I just wanted to share a little random favourite… These suuuper cute earrings I picked up from Primark – aren’t they just too much! Primark has an amazing selection, as well as headbands (perfect for work) I just had to get these.

I hope everyone had a fantastic start to advent, I cannot wait to follow my favourite Youtubers through Vlogmas as well as read about everyone’s first days in December! 

Thank you for visiting, I cannot wait to share more of our first Christmas! Take care and I hope you choose to come back – love Shaan & Aria xxx

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